Fire Alarm Maintenance

ilkley fire alarm maintenance and servicing

A common failing on a fire-risk assessment is a fire alarm having no maintenance contract.

The decision to install a business fire alarm and how complex it should be is that of the ‘Responsible Person’ but once a system has been installed then ongoing maintenance is a legal requirement.

BS5839-Part 1 requires a minimum of two service visits per year and in more challenging buildings (e.g. dirty environment) then additional service visits may be needed. What is clear is that just one visit per anum will not suffice.

Maintenance also requires certification – that is not just an engineer’s docket but rather a BS5359:part1:2017 certificate of maintenance. Many businesses have either no servicing or non-compliant servicing. Often only brought-to-book when either the business is chosen for a fire officer’s inspection or they have a fire. Should legal action be taken it is ‘The Responsible Person’ who will be accountable.

We also offer weekly testing.

We have a fixed pricing scale based upon the size of your system so for a free quotation just call us or fill in our contact form.

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